Some Helpful tips and tricks to assist you to maintain longer life for your spa

 Tip 1

To prevent excessive foam build-up in your spa water:  Foam is the result of added particles, including conditioner rinsed out of your hair and soap left from your shower.  It can also accumulate from the clothing you wear in the spa.  If you dedicate one suit of clothing just for your enjoyment in your spa, you may avoid adding excessive particles to the water each time you go into the spa, which are left in you spa water each time you use your tub.


 Tip 2

To provide for longer spa cover life, in addition to properly balanced water, you should completely remove the cover on regular basis when you use your spa.  This  allows chemical vapors to escape.   Clean and condition your cover with saddle soap twice a month.   Do this after you wash it with water and scrub with very mild solution of dish washing liquid (1 tsp/ 2gallon water).   Do not allow soap to dry before rinse.  Lay it out upside down on the spa for 3-4 hours at least two times yearly.

 Tip 3
If you find your spa cover is sagging from the underside of the cover, you may not be using the spa enough!.  This happens when the cover is not removed from the spa and there is inadequate "time out/ off " of the steam.  The water particles are able to accumulate inside the cover and weigh down the covering.  Best treatment is the allow the cover to be off the spa.  Should the foam start to sage, you can actually remove the foam, turn it over and reinsert through the zippered opening.
 Tip 4
To prevent "down time" with your spa, plan ahead.  When the cover is getting heavy, 
worn or torn, please plan ahead.  Get a new cover on order, as we do live in Alaska 
and it can take almost 3 weeks of shipping time.  Plus, we have to get in line to have 
a cover manufactured.  So, it could take up to 4-5 weeks to get a replacement cover for your spa.  We try to get them in 3-4 weeks if possible.    

 Tip 5

 Many people keep their spas functional all year round.  However if you, are going to shut down your spa for the winter months, then you should get some advice from your local spa technician before you do it yourself.  It might save you a bundle of money.  Leak repairs can be very expensive and time consuming.  So during the winter months check your spa frequently.  We do not recommend antifreeze in the spa hoses and equipment.
 Tip 6

For longer life of your spa filter, you should remove it at least monthly, clean it with the professional spa filter cleaner.  This will remove all the collection of debri from the water, ie. particles filtered from the water, including calcium, iron, etc. and oils from the skin.  It is best to have 2 filters on hand and when you cleaning one filter and allow it to dry before you re-install it.  This allows you to use your second filter and continue to enjoy your spa.   It has been found that  90% of the water clarity if related to your filter. 

Tip 7

For those who winterize their spas then re-start in spring, it is a good idea  to take a 
good look at your cover at start up.  You can lay the cover out for its  "spring cleaning"
 ...see tip #2

Tip 8

To clean out the deposits in the lines, no need to disassemble any parts and possibly
break them.  Just remove the filter, add the product  "swirl away" or "jet clean" to the 
water.   Follow the run spa as directed on container.  Then you simply empty the old
water, rinse  and refill the spa with fresh water.   This should keep your spa and jets 
spinning just like new!