Stop by to check out our showroom for spa and pool accessories, pleasant fragrances, water toys, rubber ducks, spa vacuums, and much much more.

Alaska Spa Depot has a full line of spa chemicals and pool chemicals. You can choose your sanitization program from bromine, chlorine, mineral sticks including nature 2 or spa frog, or non chlorine-non bromine.  We have SpaGuard products for all systems of sanitation, including Soft Soak line for those with sensitive skin and the  system made by Leisure Time. 

If you looking to save some money and fix your spa yourself, we have a large parts supply warehouse that supports our showroom. We have replacement pumps, blowers, heaters, replacement jets, filters, covers and lifts, and much, much more.

Need a spa cover?  We can provide a new UL approved cover heavy duty for our harsh Alaskan winters.  If you just need a light weight cover (for indoor use) that is also available, and for less money.  You may provide the sizes and we can get it custom made.   Or, if you need help with measuring, we can assist.  

Cover Specifications:

Heavy duty covers can come in a variety of sizes, including:  6" to 4", 5"to 4" or lighter-weight 3" to 2".   All are tapered for water run off.  The compressed foam is encased in a UV chemical resistant heat sealed bag, optional double sealed for extra fee, deluxe marine grade vinyl with UV and chemical inhibitors, sewn with high quality bonded polyesther thread, handles and standard flaps max length 4.5 " and extra fee if longer.  Commercial heavy duty zipper is in panel. 4 lock down straps with lock clips and keys.

The heavy duty covers strong and rated for 600# snow capacity. You can choose color from beautifully textured marine vinyl: Rust (brown), Rawhide, Ash, Light Gray, Forrest (green), Blue Pacific, Almond, Maroon, Mocha Gray, or  Walnut.

Special Orders Available:

If you wish to order your Spa, ask one of our sales assistants for information. You can choose the following:

  • Color of Acrylic
  • Color of Siding
  • Style of Siding