We offer full service Spa Repair
            You can set up a service call at:

       We offer service and maintenance for all spas.  
That could include a simple spa or chemical orientation to extensive repair or renovation.   
         So take advantage of the best prices for all your spa needs. 

        Our service techs offer spaside service from the Willow and Sutton, Alaska area to Anchorage, and onto Girdwood, Alaska plus all cities in between.  

        The service call is the lowest price in the state.  We have a 6000ft warehouse full of inventory of parts for replacement.  Our friendly technicians are very knowledgeable and can work on any model spa.  

        We will work with you to fix what you have and get the parts you need. If you are looking to save money, and fix your spa yourself, we have a large parts supply that supports the showroom and we have the parts you need, or we can get them!  We have replacement pumps, blowers, heaters, replacement jets, filters, covers and cover lifts, and lots more.  

        In this age of computers, spas have been computerized as well.  So if the "brain"  of your spa has "gone out", we can can get it back to living!   

        Services may also include moving and/or disposing of your spa.    If the work needs to be during the winter months, and out of freezing weather, we can move your spa to the shop for the most economical repair.
                           We offer you the best and lowest prices.                                We have a full line of services for all spas.
                             We thank you for your business!!