You can enjoy many hours of relaxation Just sitting inside the sauna.  Lots of 
good things can happen like reducing your risks of a high stress illnesses,  just by 
relaxing.  We all live in a very stressful society.

  Your sauna can enhance blood circulation, improve the immune system, reduce 
fatigue and stress, burn calories, control weight , improve skin and can be a solution
to lack of exercise.

   Your saunas are engineered to use less energy to heat up and are effective at a lower
temperature.  Due to variable temperatures, they can be enjoyed by several people at
the same time.

    The hemlock wood is easy to assemble with "snap together" design. Operating 
temperature is 18-70 C, with 1800 watts power.  They are available with ceramic and  
carbon fiber heaters.   Featured items include ergonomic bench and back rests, heater 
protection, interior and exterior digital control panels, am/fm/cd radio system, interior 
speaker system, interior color therapy lighting, reading light, coffee and magazine rack.


1 person sauna
60010- (ceramic heaters)
80010 - (carbon fiber heaters)

Dimensions:  42.5"x 46"x 72"
92cm x 112 cm x192 cm



 2 person sauna
 60020 - ( ceramic heaters)
 80020 - (carbon fiber heaters)


 Dimensions:  48" x 42" x 72" 
 122 cm x 112 cm x 192 cm

2 person sauna 
60021 - ( ceramic heaters)
80021 - ( carbon fiber heaters)

size 48" x 42" x 72"
122cm x112cmx192 cm

2 person sauna
 60022 - (ceramic heaters)
 80022 - (carbon fiber heaters)

Dimensions:  48" x 52" x 72" 
138cm x 118cm x 192cm



3 person sauna 
60030 - (ceramic heaters)
80030 - (carbon fiber heaters)

Dimensions:  58" x 42" x 72"
152cm x 112 cm x 192cm

   3 person wrap sauna 
 60031 - (ceramic heaters)
 80031 - (carbon fiber heaters)

Dimensions: 58" x 48" x 72"
152cm x112cm x 192cm
                                  NOT SHOWN
                                3-4  PERSON CORNER SAUNA
                                 58" X 42" x 72"
Digital control panels inside & outside
  contol time & temperature,power
  adjustment,reading light,color therapy
Ergonomically designed back rest
CD/AM/FM radio system
Built in speaker System
Color therapy system
Oxygen Ionizer